Ten Speed Taxi

Ten Speed Taxi plays gritty, funky, original rock. Some call the band “alt-country” while others prefer the term “roots Americana.” The song lyrics lean towards pathos, melancholy, and irony; and the sound features ringing guitar, dashes of falsetto, and hints of twang.

Ten Speed Taxi is Doug Schatz (guitar, vocals), Phil Neisser (drums), and Mike Tissaw (bass).  Doug’s many credits include a national tour with the southern alt-rock band Gladys, Phil has played drums for the Spectators, the Hubtones, the Shpiel, and the Phil Neisser Trio. And Mike (who among other things once played basketball at Duke), a few years ago traded his guitar for a bass in order to play with Phil and Doug.

Ten Speed Taxi’s music is available on iTunes and amazon.com.

To reach the band contact Phil at neissept@potsdam.edu or at 315-854-3520 or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tenspeedtaximusic/

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