Ten Speed Taxi

Ten Speed Taxi first formed under the name of Sundog in 2007, when drummer Phil Neisser and guitarist/songwriter Dan Caldwell connected with Doug Schatz, a singer songwriter from Nashville. In 2010 or so Dan  had to leave the band (to move to Indiana) and in 2013 Mike Magilligan joined the team as our bass player. Under that configuration we now give Doug’s original songs a tight trio sound, which can be full and grungy when we want it to, or clean and unplugged, if that is what the situation calls for (or that’s what we’re in the mood for). All along the way the band has kept its original sound that, as one reviewer put it, has “country influence, a hunk of funk, some straight-ahead rock, and other friendly indefinable bits – plus you can dance to it.” Another reviewer described our tunes as “barroom songs for thoughtful people.” Yet another pundit compared our music to that of Wilco, the Counting Crows, John Prine, and the Velvet Underground.

Doug Schatz’s band credits include a national tour with the southern alt-rock band Gladys and currently he teaches sculpture at SUNY Potsdam. Schatz grew up in Nashville and recently bought a house in Potsdam.

Phil Neisser has been playing drums for some 35 years: for example in the Spectators, the Hubtones, the Shpiel, and the Phil Neisser Trio. Neisser grew up in Manhattan, but has long since learned to love the woods as well. He now lives in West Pierrepont, NY and he teaches political theory at SUNY Potsdam.

Mike Magilligan has, among other things, played guitar with El Muchacho and drums with A Fine Line (a northern New York jazz trio).

Ten Speed Taxi’s music is available on iTunes and amazon.com.

The band can be contacted at phil@tenspeedtaxi.com or through their website: tenspeedtaxi.com

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