A New Book Series You Might Like

Dear Fans of Dialogue


There’s a new series you might be interested in: The Future of Western Civilization, by an English bloke named Nicholas Beecroft. The books consist of dozens of interviews with a wide range of activists and thinkers many of whom are doing great things and/or offering thoughts very much worth hearing. The premise is that “Western Civilization” is a tradition with great things to offer, and that carries within its tradition many contemporary “visionary leaders” who have much to offer. And, while I’m not sure the word “Western” rally makes any sense at this point, I do very much see his point. Also, premise aside, Beecroft is a good writer and many of the interviews are excellent. (There is, btw, an interview of my coauthor and me is in Book Four of Series 1, but I promise I haven’t read it, and it us up to you whether or not that one is “excellent”).


Here are some links:


Amazon http://astore.amazon.com/fowc-20


FoWC http://www.futureofwesterncivilization.com


Series Video Trailer http://youtu.be/9M_bLxeJ4Wk


Also: Nick will share free copies for review, and if you would like to do that you should join the FoWC Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/438696922812104/) or follow Nick on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Future_of_West).